The life of a racing Greyhound/ La vida de un Greyhound de carreras

Jeff Sonksen- Just an Artist with a Go Pro

Known for his beautiful murals along the Seminole Trail, Jeff Sonksen was wary of Greyhound racing with all of the rumors he had heard. "I'm just an artist with a GoPro," said Jeff, " I have no stake in dog racing.  I have no experience here.   No one asked me to do this nor does anyone pay me for this."

A Talented Painter and Inquisitive Kinda Guy

When Jeff met some Greyhound Trainers in Longwood, Florida, he was admittedly anti-racing. He was invited to check out "behind the scenes" for himself and he was relieved to know that all of the stories that are told about supposed abuses are just that...stories. Our Greyhounds are loved, treated like family and are adopted out to responsible, loving homes after they retire. Nothing more, nothing less.

See For Yourself

Want to see for yourself? Ask someone! Chances are, someone will be happy to bring you to a farm or kennel.

See More of Jeff Sonksen's work at and also

Listen to OneKAway podcast coverage and interview of trainers and kennel owners at Sanford Orlando Kennel Club.

Jeff Was Anti-Racing, invited to a kennel to see for himself

Jeff felt much differently about Greyhound Racing after doing his own research and visiting kennels, farms and tracks; see this 2015 video.

First Visit to dog track

Jeff Sonksen of Paint the Trail, skeptical about the Greyhound industry, takes the initiative to see for himself;  he comes away relieved that the dogs are well cared for and genuinely loved. 

Return to the Track

Jeff visits naples dog track

Jeff Visits Daytona


Derby Lane

Jeff goes to "schooling"

At the sprint path

Chat with Track Vet, SOKC

Exposing Activist Lies

"All they can do is dream about coming back here."

At The Track

"They don't care what it is, they will chase anything that moves."

Two curious ladies visit a kennel

The offer has been open- that those who are interested, and even those who aren't but plan on voting- should come see for themselves. These two ladies arrived today to "see for themselves."

Jeff recaps the whoooole back story

A review of the past six months of investigation.